Windows Galore

You may get disoriented…

when you navigate around in your car, come out of a subway underground, or visit a lot of condos when looking for your new home!

So, that’s why we thought it beneficial to let you know, the Baytree units in our favorite complex have 14 windows (including 2 skylights) that face the southern exposure.  That’s one of the reasons we LOVE this condo complex….and you probably will, too…if you long for sunshine and light during these Michigan winters!

Don’t forget to check out the window seat in the master bedroom in some of the units:  If you are 5’5″ or less you can stretch out your legs and lay in the window on the cushy pad!  (If you are taller, well, a bended knee works just fine!)

14 windows in the sunshine– really? Yes, let us show you a unit in a luxury complex.

Living room:  2 windows, 2 skylights & 1 on the door

Dining room:  2 windows

Lower Level:  2 day windows — which means they are low – because it’s a high basement

Master suite:  3 windows (2 with a window seat so you can lay in the sun when you can’t get to Florida in winter)

Master bath:  2 windows (Yup, in some of the units, you can lay in a large jetted tub in the sunshine at certain hours of the late morning…it’s amazing)

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